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The Story of 2018

The Story of 2018
Finland wedding photographer wedding storyteller Nordic wedding story I'm sorry, but there's just no way I can get the story of 2018 down to a reasonable blog post length. These twelve months, and equally many weddings, have truly felt as overwhelming as the selection (!) of photos in this post. This post, like the past year, is not for those faint of heart. The story[...]

The stories we need more ofA summary of the weddings of 2017

The stories we need more of
the stories we need more of  | wedding storyteller nordic wedding photographer Julia Lillqvist Helsinki hääkuvaaja Turku Hääkuvaus dokumentaarinen häävalokuvaaja Helsinki wedding photographer Stockholm The one big thing I take with me from this year, after having shot my first season with multiple international weddings, is the realization that weddings, no matter w[...]