I call myself a storyteller since I'm not just documenting weddings to create single Instagram worthy photos, I want to give you more than just perfection. I want to give you memories to hold on to.


I live in Turku but travel all over Finland for my work. I also take on the odd job around Europe now and then, but would not identify as a destination photographer since travel is not why I do this. I'm in it for the stories, and those are everywhere.


As I'm all about documenting life, I enjoy any session when we have lots of time on our hands and can just forget about the camera and spend som time together. I'd love to come to your home and play with your kids. I'd also love to join your family and friends in the celebration of your wedding day, and follow you throughout the entire day so not one memory is lost.


I offer different packages instead of charging per hour when I photograph. When you reach out to me I'll get back to you with a personal quote for what I think would suit your wants and needs best. I want my photography to be available to as many people as possible, and I therefor offer the alternative to pay for any session in installments for no extra cost.


Nope, you don't. I've worked as a photographer for 10 years now and pretty much know the recipe for a good session. If you're not sure of where or when to do the session I'll give you some hints and tips. Pro tip: it doesn't have to be that complicated. My all time favorite location for all portrait sessions are people's homes or nearby woods.

Weddings naturally need a bit more planning and that's why I include a pdf with all the tips and tricks I've learned on how to plan an enjoyable celebration into a 60 page long pdf that is included in every wedding package. Not a big reader? Don't worry. I work best when I'm trusted to do my thing so really all you have to do is enjoy.