Johanna & Simon

Finland Wedding Photographer Helsinki Hääkuvaaja Dokumentaarinen Hääkuvaus


Knowing Johanna and Simon, no one was particularly surprised about the massive work they put into the planning of their wedding. Every little detail throughout the day spoke of them and being the handy couple they are, they did most themselves. Johanna even sewed the wedding dress herself.

That their celebration would be heavily inspired by nature was also a given, with them being an incredibly outdoorsy couple who often go on long wilderness hikes. The setting for their wedding was therefor also an easy choice and they planned a true outdoor wedding in the small village where Johanna grew up.

Arriving in Esse Johanna walked straight into the woods and in the middle of a sea of wild fern they had their first look. It felt as though we were deep in the woods with the small rain drops seeking their way through the branches of the old spruces but once it was time to head towards the ceremony we didn’t have to walk further than to the field and the old barn.

The beauty of the surrounding nature and the atmosphere it created set the tone for the entire day. Capturing all this would have been overwhelming if it was not for the words that I carried with me from the last meeting we had, we trust you.