Lotta & Nils | Åbo Bröllopsfotograf

Åbo Bröllopsfotograf Pargas Kustö slottsruiner Kuusiston linnanrauniot Kaarina hääkuvaaja Turku

While I mostly focus on documentary wedding photography, I do enjoy creating portraits. Not the traditional approach however, when the photographer is in charge and it’s all very directed, I I prefer when the focus lies on the moment, making photos out of memories, and not the other way around.

The week after their wedding Lotta and Nils came to Turku for a small adventure with me. We planned it more like a date than a portrait session, focusing on making an evening to enjoy. We drove out to Kuusisto and spend a couple of hours taking in the beautiful scenery and enjoying a picnic. If it weren’t for the fact that I was third wheeling it, it could have been an extra luxury date night. A night one would want to remember, making it a lot more natural to document it all. Because that is how I create portraits, I document moments and a connection that is already there. I think one can tell, that these to really enjoyed this night and the time they got to spend together, and now luckily they have the photos to tell the story.


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